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We will be using the 2024 Cheerbrandz scoring system including the scoring for Novice divisions.

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Scoresheets are emailed out at the end of each prize giving. Please note that scoresheets are saved on your online account and can be accessed the day after the event.


Rule violations and deductions

Minimum athlete number not met
Pom or costume drops that become a hazard–0.5
Drops or falls to the floor during choreography, jumps, leaps, tumbling, kicks, tricks, lifts or freezes–1.0
Suggestive or offensive costuming, music or choreography–1.0
Unsportsmanlike conduct
Use of props –2.0
Timing violations
3-5 seconds overtime–0.5
6-10 seconds overtime –1.0
11+ seconds overtime –2.0



All routines must be suitable for viewing by an audience of all ages.